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Suraj Sharma at Oscar night

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You’re your father’s daughter, no mistake. Bloody relentless, the both of you.
It’s a new one today. Lots of tricky words. But I think you can manage.

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House Week Day 4 | Favorite Friendship - House/Thirteen

"You spend your whole life looking for answers because you think the next answer will change something. Maybe make you a little less miserable. And you know that when you run out of questions you don’t just run out of answers, you run out of hope. Are you glad you know that?"

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Malia Tate in ‘The Benefactor’

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Malia Tate in Every Episode: I.E.D. (4x05)

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You are my candy girl.

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You’re mine and I’m yours
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 “I had a very crazy, important year when I was seventeen, and so many things happened to me that I just realized I was following the wrong life. It took me a year to figure it out, because I was not at all a person who likes to be in the middle of everybody or likes to talk for hours or likes to be the center of attention, but the need was so powerful.” {x}{x}

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